The Charity was formed in 2020 to:

  • Educate the public in the appreciation, the enjoyment of and understanding the art of performing music, in particular with brass instruments,             and
  • Educate children, young people, communities, the elderly and those disadvantaged through disabilities by providing workshops and masterclasses.

To achieve the above we have formed a brass quintet of young passionate brass instrument playing musicians. who want to show the public that brass quintet’s have something to offer the world of Chamber Music and that it should not be marginalised or undervalued. Hopefully, we encourage others to follow our example and promote Chamber Music, in particular brass instrument playing for the enjoyment of all.

The world of brass bands at the top level have made huge strides in modernising their music performances and by selecting instrumentation from this genre we aim to show the public that the music we perform is of the highest quality.

We have commissioned a complete programme of new music arrangements of much loved classical music works in preparation for our debut and tour of the UK over the next 3 years. Our concerts will take the form of “a Pilgrimage Tour” of the UK’s Cathedrals and other historic sites.

Alongside our concert performances we will develop an Outreach programme of Workshops and Masterclasses. These will be carried out on a 1 for 1 basis alongside our concerts having been arranged by local organisations to the concert venues.

We have developed a three year plan which could not have got off to a worse start. The Covid pandemic put almost everything on hold for 12 months, however as I write our aim is  to debut in July 2021.

Watch this space…

Thank you

Paul Robinson