Complaints Policy


We expect most of our customers will be very satisfied with the service they receive. However, like any organisation there are occasions where people feel they would like to make a formal complaint or simply register a comment on our services.

Customers who wish to complain or register a comment formally should do so through the website “Contact Us” page or write to the Glyndwr Ensemble Trustees at:

The Glyndwr Ensemble Trustees


3 Tai’r Briallu,




CF44 9PQ

Customers who are unable to submit their complaint or register a comment  through the website or in writing e.g. because of a disability, should call the Director and Trustee on 07730 585067 within 48 hours of the incident.

All complaints or comments will be recorded and acknowledged within 5 working days.


The aim of the complaints’ procedure is to provide an opportunity for customers who are dissatisfied, to have their concern addressed.

Complaints and registered comments will be fully investigated by a Trustee and the outcome communicated back to the customer. Any actions taken by the Director have to be recorded but do not have to be communicated to the customer in detail. The Director’s action is the final step in the Complaints Procedure.

Should the complaint be against the Director then another Trustee will carry out the investigation.

If complaints are received which are threatening or abusive or are repeated complaints from the same person about the same or similar issue, the Glyndwr Ensemble Trustees have the right to refuse to respond as long as any specific complaint has been addressed and communicated.

Records of complaints or registered comments will be retained for two years and then destroyed.